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This is the best seller in Know Mind®'s AsstroKnots® line of solid Boronex® glass dildos, and for good reason. It provides a sensation unlike any other sex toy we have had in for testing. On the downside, it is also very expensive. We usually don't quote prices, since they can be so variable, but an item like this will set you back around $50 to $199. This takes it out of the range of the casual buyer. Those willing to make an investment in their sex toys can take comfort in the fact that Know Mind makes the best toys of this type on the market. See this month's feature on glass dildos for more information on why the properly made versions are so expensive. There are other less expensive glass dildos on the market, but you can do things with this you probably would not want to do with the others. You can throw it in a freezer for an icy thrill. You can drop in hot water or hold it under the tap to warm it up, and it will stay warm for ten minutes or more. You can wash it in the dishwasher, or even sterilize it in an autoclave. Because of the annealing process they use, it is extremely strong and should last a lifetime. Glass has some other important properties. Because it is non-porous, it can not take on odors. Lubes also last longer since they won't be absorbed into the micropores in most toys. It is hypoallergenic, which is good news for those who are very sensitive. The Juicer®is a hand made piece of art, but it is much more than that. It is an extremely well designed sex toy. The head is 1 1/2" wide at its widest point, and ridged. This is not a toy intended primarily for forward thrusts, but rather, to be rotated. The ridged tip can repeatedly hit the G-spot as it spins for a very unique sensation. At the base of the shaft and along the 3 1/2" wide base are bumps, which add stimulation to the entrance and exterior of the vagina. It provides a lot of stimulation in a lot of different ways. We know of no other toy that comes close to this. To facilitate rotation, they have a handle at the base. What you can't see in the picture is that on the opposite edge of the base is a finger sized indentation. These two combined make it possible to have very good control over the Juicer®, even if your hands are very slippery with lube. For a toy like this, that is a very important consideration. They designed it just right. Because this is such a different toy, one of the ways we tried testing it was to use it on someone while they were blindfolded. While it was difficult for them to tell exactly what we were doing to them, the response was very enthusiastic. It comes with a custom padded velvet carrying and storage bag, and a certificate of authenticity. This is a product built with craftsmanship and pride. Most people are not going to invest this type of money in a sex toy. For the true toy connoisseur, though, it is a must have. -JB


I know what you're thinking. " What the hell is it?" Well, believe it or not, it's an exquisitely designed sex toy made of BORONEX. It's dishwasher safe, freezable, non-porous, and lubricants last longer on it than rubber, plastic, or acrylic. But more important is how it feels. My initial reaction was something like " Oh! My! God!" and I do recall some very loud screams coming out of me that probably had my neighbors debating whether to call 911. I can honestly say that sex with a partner doesn't fell this good (most of the time), and "NO" vibrator or dildo could ever compare. Better yet is that I can use it in either orifice --- and if I felt like it I could bend one of my lovers over and give them a good ass-fucking, thanks to the handy loop at the top that works like a handle. With toys like this, who needs lovers?

--- Connie Castiliano AVN


The unofficial themes of the show appeared to be "innovation", "quality" and "diversity." This is clearly a more mature adult novelty industry compared to just a few years ago. Consumers originally had a fairly limited range of adult products to choose from. A few vibrators, dildos, and an occasional butt plug got oohs, and aahs at first; but like any novel enterprise, the adult toy industry quickly realized it had to do more, and do it better just to keep up with demand. Now the sheer range of objects produced by the adult hardware industry is immense: Hundreds of vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs; love dolls, pumps, and other masturbation devices; Flavored lubricants, massage oils, and aphrodisiacs; and (don't laugh) electrical stimulation devices all adorned the ANME floor. The fact that there is now greater competition amongst manufacturers than ever before-in addition to the increasingly mainstream face of the adult retail market (e.g. Hustler Hollywood) means that consumers have a better chance of finding both something they want and something that will last. Leading the wave of innovation at this year's show was KNOW MIND ENTERPRISES of Madeira Beach, Florida. The creators of the AQUA VULVA (I, II, and III) have recently added a new line ofBORONEX glass sex toys called "ASSTROKNOTS," which will "revolutionize the sex toy industry," according to KNOW MIND. In addition to being heat and cold resistant, BORONEX is non-porous, meaning that lube will last longer on ASSTROKNOTS than on other products. The item drawing the most attention at KNOW mind's booth by far was an odd shaped BORONEX toy called the Clingon. "How does it work?" AVN's Jennifer Rosenblatt whispered to me, echoing the thoughts of baffled passers-by. Using proven formulas for spacing, Know Mind's creative team formed "solid BORONEX into a single unit that inserts one probe in the rectum, a second probe presses the G- spot vaginally, while a third probe straddles the clitorus." Know Minds Dave and Steve, touted the Clingon and the other BORONEX creations, for which they hold patents, as a wake up call to the entire adult novelty industry. " The adult toy industry needs to come down to earth," Steve said. We're into new ideas and quality, and that's what will sell the most."


Coffee table or cunny? Pedestal or pussy? On display or in dapink? It's hard (hardy-har-har-hard) to say exactly where ASSTROKNOTS serve best, but that just makes for a sales horizon on this museum-piece dildo/sculpture that goes on forever. The CRYSTAL COCK/CURVED comes in a black velvet, padded, drawstring pouch, ready for travel or treasure chest. It is graceful and simple in design. A clearly printed warning advises that if the "solid BORONEX, heat annealed for strength, sterilizable, dishwasher safe, freezable, non-porous" foot long dildo becomes chipped or cracked, it has to be discarded. Here's the customers next best chance at replicating the famous "ice dildo" scene from Andrew Blake's much ballyhooed, face-of-adult- changing House of Dreams-and without all the gooseflesh. ASSTROKNOTS really are some of the most beautiful erotifacts you will ever stock: and like the aforementioned vid, have the power to make a reluctant demographic think maybe this "adult" thing isn't so bad after all.

AVN 1999 January Hardware and Novelties
Feature Storie: The Artisans of Erotica

Of all the adult hardware sold in this country, the vast majority - 85% would be a conservative estimate- is manufactured by a small handful of companies whose names we're all familliar with. Major players like Doc Johnson, Cal Exotic. Topco, Nasstoy, Erostar and Erotech are responsible for most of the sex toys availible today, and in this capacity, they serve the market well. However, big manufacturers rarely have the economic leeway to produce and market something truly original. UNIQUE

That's where certain smaller companies, like these few we've chosen to profile, come in. These manufactures each have the distinction of making a product that defines it's own market. Something no one else has or can do as well. From design to packaging, ergonomics to mechanics, every one of these companies approaches the field of erotic hardware with style, dedication , and a decidedly old-fashioned sense sense of innovation. In the truest sense, they are all artisans in their own right.

Those Mentioned were;
INNER SPACE at 818-997-9007
KNOW MIND ENTERPRISES or (800) 292-9173

Known primarily for their series of Aqua Vulva masturbation devices (which includes a massive, powered suction pump version), the guys at Know Mind debuted a product line at last year's summer ANME that made jaws drop.

AssTroKnots are anal/vaginal toys hand crafted frim crystal-clear BORONEX glass. But lest you think this glass is fragile, remember your mom's old kitchenware that was still in use long after you first car had bitten the dust. When confronted with this question, Know Mind's Steve Ritchie blithely tosses the nearest toy onto floor , where it bounces harmlessly.

Actually, the glass is the selling point of these beautiful toys. Not only can they be boiled after use for simple, effective cleaning, the atomic structure of glass is such that, if used with a water-based lube, these toys will remain slick and slippery until washed.

The article closes by saying ;
High-end adult harware is where the market is heading in the next millennium. People don't just want a product to work once. They want it to work again and again, and they want is to look good doing it. These manufactures understand that, and so should you.

Screw Magazine
November 10, 1997
Water's New, Pussycat?

If the world will beat a path to the door of anyone who invents a better mousetrap, what will they beat for someone who invents a better pussy? Their cocks!

Just ask the guys who created a newly released sex aid called the Aqua Vulva. One of its most impressive features (and one of its main selling points) is its innocent look. Measuring 24 inches in length, the Aqua Vulva is comprised of three plastic sleeves that can be filled with air, water or any combination thereof. Each sleeve has a water valve and an air valve, so you can regulate the water vs. air-pressure ratio for use as a limb brace, a hot/cold water bottle, or you guessed it, a water-filled pussy.

Is that beautiful or what?

After you fill the Aqua Vulva up, it's time to fill it up, if you get our drift. Just get your dick hard, spread some of the enclosed lubricant around and . . . Wait, we're not gonna give you any pud-pulling pointers; if you're reading this paper, you should have a grip on the topic, so to speak. For best results, the instruction manual (guess some people do need instruction) advises nestling the unit between some pillows for a more natural orgasmic experience - probably a good idea, because the thing gets pretty heavy when it's full of water and explaining that sprained wrist to the folks in the emergency room would be a drag, wouldn't it?

To hear the Aqua Vulva guys tell it, the unit can be used by just about anyone, assuming he has a dick. Straight guys will obviously get their rocks off while watching their favorite porn flick, but gay men can use it as well, jerking solo or by fucking it from both ends simultaneously with a buddy. Hell, we would imagine that two straight guys could do the same thing, as long as they know that it wouldn't make you gay (heh heh, not that there's anything wrong with that). And lonely necrophiles can fill the thing with cold water.

Sure that's an old joke, but one with a new spin, kind of like the Aqua Vulva itself. For more information, write to

P. O. Box 8070
Madeira Beach, Florida 33738-8070
1 - 800 - 292-9173
or log onto their Website at

Adult Video News Magazine (AVN)
November 1997

Aqua Vulva
Know Mind Enterprises

What is there to write about the Aqua Vulva that hasn't already been written? For those poor souls who have apparently been living in a cave, this handy toy consists of three separate, pleasure cheeks that form a triangular tube which plumps up to pillowy, plushy life when filled with water.

The technicians here at the AVN labs had a difficult time filling the entire thing without serious leakage, and the damn thing was heavy and awkward to carry around once filled. But for a plastic, water-filled vulva, it ain't bad. Plus, as the press materials suggest, it also makes for a terrific hot water bottle, pillow brace or neck massager. Best of all, you can hide it in plain sight when the neighbors drop by (it took even us a while to figure out how it was supposed to work, and we do this for a living).

J.C. Adams

We forgot to send AVN the directions, oops...The Aqua Vulva Guys

CHIC Magazine Febuary 1998 Article Title; Give the Gift of Love,,,
High-End, Low-Down Love Toys,,, Valentine's Lays
CHIC's Guide to the Best Erotic Gifts


The Future of masterbation is here! Aquavulva is the first men's sex toy to use water to adjust temperature and fit. Fill the three seperate pleasure cheeks, then brace with pillows or use manually to turn your XXX-video viewing into a true virtual-sex experience, Call 1-800-292-9173